Greetings Portal Masters!

We would like to inform you of the v1.0.11 update. For details, please read below.

[V1.0.11 Update]

1. Guild War Open
Guild War finally opens! Check which Guild is the best after the fierce competition.

Guild War starts with a preseason, and we will give you a notice about its regular season schedule when it’s finalized.

※ One season lasts 1 week.
※ The preseason starts on Jun. 24th 6:00pm (server time).
※ Only Guilds with 10 members or more can participate in Guild War.
※ Application for participation is required during 15:00-17:50 (Server Time) on the day of Guild War.

For more info, check out the guide below.
[See Guild War Guide]

2. Skill balance revision
- Several Light/Dark/Air Skylanders’ skills have been revised as below.

* Light
1) Knight Light
- Destination
> Added 1 more turn for [QUEUE REVIVAL].
- Knight of Light (Passive)
> Changed conditions for activating the skill. (When the character has HP of 20% or lower → When the character has HP of 35% or lower)
- Speed of Light
> Changed conditions for activating the skill. (When the character evades an attack → When the character heals an ally)

2) Aurora
- Power of Eon
> Changed chance to activate Bonus Hit. (50% → 70%))
> Decreased damage inflicted by Bonus Hit by 30%.

-Sharp Sword (Passive)
> Changed the effect of the skill. (Increases [ACC UP] → Increases [Block Rate UP].)

3) Light Hex
- Lightcore Orb
> Changed the order of the skill Lv. up effects.
(Lv.2) ATK + 10% → [HEAL UP Effect] count +1 on the ally with the lowest HP
(Lv.3) [HEAL UP Effect] count +1 on the ally with the lowest HP → ATK +10%

4) Light Jet Vac
- Shoot the Breeze!: Tank Reserves
> Increased Heal Power.

* Dark
1) Starcast
- Shadow Form (Passive)
> Changed conditions for activating the skill. (For every 5 skills used → For every 4 skills used)
- Interdimensional Shurikens
> Deleted the condition on the target: “the enemy with the highest ATK.”

2) Shadow Spitfire
- Fuel Injected Claws
> Increased Mana consumption to 2 from 1.
> Decreased cooldown time to 18sec. from 22sec.
> Increased damage of the skill by approx. 20%.

3) Shadow king Pen
- Ice Trail (Passive)
> Changed the skill’s effects.
Existing version: uses a skill 5 times to grant [DMG Share] on the ally with the lowest HP for 2 turns.
Updated version: Whenever Shadow King Pen attacks 3 times, gains FOCUS AGGRO for 1 turn.
> Changed the skill Lv. up effects accordingly.
(Lv.2) activates when attacking 2 times.
(Lv.3) Effect count +1
(Lv.4) activates when attacking 1 time.

4) Shadow Spyro
- Changed the character’s type from Defense to Expert.
> Revised basic stats of the character accordingly.

* Air
1) Blades
- Wing Slice
> Decreased Mana consumption to 4 from 5.
> Increased cooldown time to 11sec. from 8sec.

* ETC.
- Changed initial cooldown time of 57 Skylanders.
[Tap to see the details.]

3. Increase in EXP from Meditating Woodland
- Greatly increased EXP from stages in Meditating Woodland.
- Greatly increased EXP for spectators.
- Decreased Red Potions given as rewards accordingly.

4. Improvements in Shop
- Changed the amount of Skylander Soul Stones available at Shop and their prices.
- Added Runes in Shop.
- Runes can be purchased with Gold, Runes of very high grades will be available occasionally.
- You can use Gems to update items at Shop.

5. More entry resets for Stage 7
- You can now reset entries for Stage 7 of each Skylands up to 5 times. Previously, you could update them only once.
- More Gems are required as you reset more.

6. Improvements in Shop UI
- Improved the UI to enable easier search for an item.
- Revamped some packs and added new ones.

<Revamped packs>
- Ultra Premium Summon Pack
- Premium Summon Pack
- Potion Pack

<New packs>
- First Legendary Pack
- Daily Pack 2
- 5★ Skylander Pack
- 4★ Skylander Pack

7. Others
- Moderately decreased factors for DIMINISH skills.
- Added Invite request cancel feature.
- Improved Auto-Place feature. When you auto-place characters, characters to participate in a battle will be placed in the order of attack power, and spectators will also be automatically placed as well.
- Revised the UI and some rewards of Quests.
- Fixed a bug where Knight Light activates Knight of Light (a passive skill) while in a defenseless state.
- Addressed other user convenience issues.