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[NOTICE] The Future of Skylands Unveiled! Sneak peek on v1.0.11 update!

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  • [NOTICE] The Future of Skylands Unveiled! Sneak peek on v1.0.11 update!

    Greetings Portal Masters!

    We are excited to inform you of what new contents and new features we have been working on so far and what Portal Masters should expect for the next update!

    The next update will take place in the 3rd week of June. And of course, we have been listening and we are trying our best to address all issues raised in various communities.
    (※ The details below are still TBD, so we plan to confirm them on our official v1.0.11 update notice.)

    Please check out below for details.

    [V.1.0.11 Update details]

    ■ War of the Guilds starts soon!

    Guild War is about to begin! Test your strength against other top Guilds and prove your worth!
    Below are some sneak peeks on Guild War.

    Unlike other battles, Companion Villains cannot participate in Guild War. Instead, the battle is a 4-to-4 match where 4 Skylanders form a single team. In Guild War, some Skylanders will gain buffs during a certain period, so all Skylanders will eventually have their role in Guild War.
    Also, there will be special rules that give buffs to Guild members based on their strategies. Keep in mind that cooperation and strategies are the key to victory!

    There are 3 types of rewards: individual, Guild and seasonal rewards.
    - Individual reward: the reward is given for the result of a battle with an opponent Guild member.
    - Guild reward: the reward is given to all members of a winning Guild after the end of Guild War every day. (To receive the reward, a member belonging to the winning Guild should participate in a battle at least once.)
    - Seasonal reward: the reward is given to all members of a Guild according to the Guild’s ranking. The rankings of Guilds will be determined by the tally of the scores in the season. (If a member’s contribution to the Guild is less than a certain level, the member cannot earn the reward.)

    ■ Skill balance revision
    Some Light and Dark Skylanders’ skills will receive balance changes. We will let you know the details through the official update notice!

    ■ Increase in EXP from Meditating Woodland
    EXP from stages in Meditating Woodland will greatly increase! Plus! EXP for spectators will also increase! The amount of Red Potions given as rewards will adjust accordingly. Despite the adjustment, the total amount of EXP will increase overall!

    ■ Improvement in Magic Shop
    Runes will be available at Magic Shop. They will be purchasable with Gold, and if you are lucky you might be able to purchase some rare Runes! Also, the item list can be refreshed with Gems after the update.

    ■ More update with entries into Stage 7
    Stage 7 on each Skyland will be made possible to enter several more times than before, by spending Gems to refresh!

    ■ UI/UX improvements
    We will be improving several UI/UX such as the logic of Auto-Place in Battle Preparation for Adventures stages and Shop UI where finding some items was not so easy, and many other more!

    ■ Various events
    For more festivities in the Skylands, we plan to hold various events more often. Make sure you claim your rewards including Gold, Gems and Summon Tickets and many more through these events!

    We appreciate your constant support. And, we will give you our official v1.0.11 update Patch Notes for more information on the update. Thank you for your patience!