Greetings Portal Masters!

We have completed the server patch to improve Arena rating system. Please see below for more detail.

[Arena rating patch detail]

■ Date and time
- May 20th 00:00 (PDT)

■ Changes
- Points lost due to losing a Defense battle will decrease by 50% than before.
- Result will be counted as a loss when app is force closed during Arena battle.
* Please restart the game if you have been playing prior to the patch to apply the changes.

[Compensation on Arena rating changes]
Additional Gems will be given out according to each Portal Masters’ final tier for May 20th weekly Arena ranking results.

■ Date: May 23rd 02:00 (PDT)
■ Additional Gem rewards will be given out to those Portal Masters who has gameplay record and reached certain tier for May 20th weekly Arena Ranking.

Thank you!​