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[UPDATE] May 2nd Update

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  • [UPDATE] May 2nd Update

    Greetings, Portal Masters!

    We would like to announce V1.0.9 Update information.

    Please read below for more details on the update.​

    [Server Maintenance Schedule]
    May 2nd 10:00pm- May 3rd​ 2:00am (PST)

    [V.1.0.9 Update Information]

    1. Huge changes on Skylander Level System

    1) No more max level limit

    - All grade of Skylanders can now level up to level 70 without limit.

    For example, 1★ Hot Dog can reach level 70 without evolving.

    ※ Due to this change, “Reach MAX Lv. With a #★ Skylander x Times” missions from “Power-up” Missions and Google Play achievements may become impossible to achieve for certain Portal Masters. We apologize for the inconveniences caused due to this, and we will replace them with achievable missions for everyone on the next update.

    2) No more Evolving level limit

    - As long as you have powered up to +5 and have enough materials, you may Evolve your Skylander no matter what level they are.

    3) Potion cost changes

    - Red potions will cost 200 gold per bottle to use

    - Blue potions will cost 75 gold per bottle to use

    4) Potion EXP changes

    - A Red potion S will give 25 EXP instead of 10

    - A Blue potion S will give 15 EXP instead of 10

    2. Soul Stones drops in Adventure stages

    - Types of Soul Stone attainable from Adventure stage has been renewed!

    - Each Adventure stage will have a guaranteed Soul Stone drop. (up to 10~15 per day)

    - Guaranteed drop will reset every day at 00:00 (server time)

    - The original drop rate still applies separately from guaranteed drop and will remain even after all guaranteed drops have been claimed.

    - Rewards for certain stage 7 first time rewards will be changed to Soul Stones instead of Gems.

    ※ This will not apply to those Portal Masters who have already beaten the stage.

    - Stage 7 Reset Gem price has been slightly dropped.

    3. Master Eon’s Guide missions!

    - Through Master Eon’s Guide, all Portal Masters will be able to get a lot of Soul Stones of Master Eon’s personal selection of Skylanders.

    - Once you complete the initial objectives, the next objectives will become available, and will be able to claim Soul Stone rewards per objective completed.

    - When all objectives are met, 250 Soul Stones of a Legendary Skylander (of your choice from the pool!) will be given as the final prize!

    - Portal Masters can also purchase bonus rewards which will add even more Soul Stones to the already bountiful prize!

    4. Energy price now fixed permanently!

    - The current energy sales price will remain fixed!

    5. Battle System Changes

    1) Villain summon, re-summon, Skylander Stats and Skill changes

    ※ Addressing White Broccoli Guy

    We would like to take a moment and notify the community about an error that occurred with our last update. Some of you may have noticed that White Broccoli Guy’s healing received a significant boost after the April 17th update.

    Please note that the stat increase was not an intended change. Unfortunately, we were unaware of the issue for some time. By the time we could take actions, the change had been in there for too long.

    Coincidentally we had been working on rebalancing Villains. Instead of decreasing his heal we decided to increase his re-summon time. We made other balance changes, which we thought were fair, and shared them with the community last week. After sharing our thoughts, we received strong feedback regarding White Broccoli Guy.

    After taking your feedback into account we have adjusted his stats as follows:

    • Initial AND Re-summon cooldown will remain at 30 sec.

    • Skill Cooldown has been increased by 4 sec.

    • Healing amount has been reduced by 12%

    o Patch v1.0.8 (April 17 PST): Unintended heal increase of 30%

    o Patch v1.0.9 (May 2, PST): Heal Decrease of 12%

    We feel these changes address some of the issues he had. We want those who invested in him to still find him as a viable option to use, and still as our most-loved sub-healer companion villain.

    2) Stat changes in Skylanders

    - Overall, we have increased Skylanders stats.

    - The stat gained from Evolving Skylanders of Nat. 2★ and over will yield more than before.

    - Higher the Nat ★ grade, more stats will be gained from Evolving

    - We have optimized the stats according to the Skill properties as well.

    - Some Skylanders will have certain stat decrease to counterbalance the increased amount of stat in other areas. For example, ATK up and DEF down.

    3) Skill changes for Skylanders

    [Zoo Lou]

    ● Wild Nature

    - [Beast] effect will be changed from 1 turn to 2 turns.

    ● Wolf Call

    - Mana cost down from 6 to 5, Cooldown from 6 sec to 9 sec.

    - Skill Damage down 10%

    ● Raging Boar

    - Decrease the [Decrease cooldown time] from 5 sec to 3 sec when under [Beast]

    ● Natural Pollen

    - Increase [Increase Effect Resistance] from 10% to 15%


    ● Wind in the Woods

    - Cooldown Time decreases from 24 sec to 15 sec, Mana cost down from 2 to 0.

    ● Whack Attack

    - Mana cost increases from 0 to 1, but damage increases slightly.

    ● Smart Attack

    - Skill damage increases by 15%.

    ● Splintering Punch

    - 50% chance to attack additionally when [Shield] is active is changed to [Focus].

    [King Pen]

    ● Ice Tundra

    - Granting [Strength] to all allies increases from 1 to 2 turns.


    ● Whale Tale

    - Changes the pre-requisite of Heal ally from when target has [ATK DOWN] to any debuff.

    ● Squid Toss

    - Mana cost down from 6 to 5, Cooldown time increases from 5 sec to 8 sec.

    [Slam Bam]

    ● Yeti’s Punch / Angry Yeti’s Punch

    - Pre-requisite HP for Bonus Hit changed from 30% or below to 60% or below

    [Air Strike]

    ● Spinning Bird Fist

    - [Decrease debuff count by 1] changed to [Remove 1 debuff]

    - Skill level up remains the same.

    ● Falcon Bomb

    - Mana cost down from 4 to 3.


    ● Fiester Fan / Healing Wind Fiester Fan

    - Skill level up effect changes from [Remove buff] to [Remove debuff]

    [Shark Shooter Terrafin]

    ● Shark Skin

    - Chance increased from 70% to 80%

    - [ATK UP] changed to [CRIT DMG UP]

    - Skill level up lv.2: changed from chance +10% to Effect count +1

    ● Surface Missile

    - Mana cost increases from 4 to 5, Cooldown time decreases from 11 sec to 8 sec.

    - Skill damage increase by approximately 15%.


    ● Tantrum Mode

    - Lv.1 Fixed damage increases from 4% to 12%.

    - Each skill level up will add 2% instead of 4% to fixed damage.

    4) Buff and Debuff changes


    - Minimum count increased from 1 to 3.

    - All diminish count from 1 to 2 will be changed to 3.

    - Diminish damage will be increased by approximately 6%

    - Skylanders: Awakened Tuff Luck, Hex, Awakened Hex, Krypt King

    [Decrease debuff count]

    - Certain Skylanders will get Remove debuff instead of Decrease debuff count

    - Skylanders: Air Strike, Deja Vu, Fiesta, Light Flashwing


    - Freeze count will increase by 1.

    - Skylanders: King Pen, Dive-Clops, Freeze Blade (No change in Hex’s Freeze count)

    Leader Skill [Effect RES UP]

    - Max increased to 5%.

    - Skylanders: Zoo Lou, Sprocket, Pop Fizz, Blastermind

    Leader Skill [Effect ACC UP]

    - Max increased to 5%.

    - Skylanders: Smolderdash, Hex

    [Charge Skill]

    - When a Skylander blocks an attack while charging up, charge time decreases by 1 sec.

    - When a Skylander gets hit by CRIT while charging up, charge time increases by 0.5 sec per hit.

    6. Changes in Arena

    1) DEF team function

    - Portal Masters can set up a specific Defense team.

    - When your defense team wins against other challenger, you will gain points but lose points when team is defeated.

    2) Arena point reset changes

    - After every tally, the reset rank will be as below

    ● Bronze / Silver / Gold will all reset to BronzeⅠ

    ● Platinum will all reset to SilverⅠ

    ● Diamond will all reset to GoldⅠ

    ● Master to Grand Master will all reset to PlatinumⅠ

    3) Mana Contamination

    - After a certain amount of turns, the attacking team will receive a set amount of damage which increases each time it occurs.

    7. Other changes

    - Meditating Woodland will give less EXP, but instead will drop Red Potions which has the equal amount of EXP as the deducted amount. And there will be a chance to earn additional Red Potions by chance.

    - Chat alert improvements

    -> When there’s a new guild chat input after the last log out, there will be a red dot alert.

    -> When you have a private message, there will be a higher priority alert.

    - New event Login board. Login every for more rewards!

    - Skill Cooldown time UI improvements

    - Additional FX when upgrading Talents

    - Revised translation errors.

    - Easter Egg Event is now over. No more eggs will drop from Stage 7.

  • #2
    This game could potentially be a great game but recent changes are quiet disturbing. Making game less complex, destroying whole concept of (stars) for monsters by allowing to evolve regardless of the star grade. Making everything too simple will eventually kill this game. If you want to create a many grinder that people will spend some cash and then leave when they will find out there is not much in to it, then you are on best road to do so. I pretty sure you are aware that , complicated interactions between skills and stats was one of biggest reason to SW success. You need to learn how to build your team how to rune up your monsters it takes time and effort. That is th reason why people stayed with Summoners Wars. But here in Skylandrrs everything seems to shallow... to simple. Just get attacker and healer level them up and here you go, run them up and you finished the game. In skylanders there is no challenge and that will kill it finally.