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  • September 2018 Dev Blog

    CM PH: As you are aware, many Skylanders fans are anticipating the release of Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes. The development schedule should be at its peak right now, but on which aspect are the devs most focused on at this point?

    Dev/Team Member: First of all, I would like to thank all the Beta test participants once more for their enthusiasm, enormous love for our game and
    great amount of feedback and ideas. We read through every single one of them, and we’re still using them as the basis for deciding what we need to improve in Ring of Heroes.

    The battle system was received in a positive light, and so we’re going to retain its core but eliminate all minor but significant factors which distracted players from fully immersing themselves into the game.

    Another point we took note of before is that several players had difficulty acquiring specific Soul Stones through their Adventures. So with this in mind, we are currently focusing on creating diverse routes that players can take to acquire the Soul Stones required for their favorite Skylanders.

    Another important aspect that we are focusing on is finding out at which points in the game players might feel the experience to be negative; whether it’s related to the balance between diverse skills, or powering up Skylanders, or story development. We are trying our best to make the Ring of Heroes experience fun and satisfying for all parts of the adventure.

    CM PH: What would you say are the three biggest changes that have been made since the Beta test version?

    Dev/Team Member: First, as stated before, collecting different Skylanders and adding them to your collection will be a more satisfying experience than before, and similarly, different in-routes to acquire said Skylanders will be clearer and easier to follow.

    Secondly, we’ve added a lot more content for players to enjoy, various dungeons for users to explore.

    Last but not least, new skills have been added for almost all Skylanders. Visual elements of each skill were improved, and
    tactical usefulness of each skill was carefully taken into mind when designing each new skill.

    CM PH: So does that mean there will be more Skylanders and Villains to collect and play with compared to what we saw during the Beta test?

    Dev/Team Member: Around 10 or more new Skylanders have been added to the collection, so that means you’ll get to see over 80 Skylanders at the game’s launch. That’s not including the many Villains we also added, so you’ll be able to summon and collect them as well.

    CM PH: Could you elaborate on the in-game content players will get to see at launch?

    Dev/Team Member: To give you a few examples, Guilds have been added, where you can work together with guild members to accomplish various goals and get rewards. What’s more, we’ve prepared exciting player versus player features where you will be able to duel with friends or any random opponent of a similar power level. And we’ve also got in store a dungeon where you’ll get to earn powerful new runes. On top of that, we are also preparing various types of dungeons which we plan to provide through updates. There’s a lot of exciting content coming.

    CM PH: Who’s your favorite Skylander and why?

    Dev/Team Member: Eruptor! I love his feisty and all-fired-up attitude!

    CM PH: We got to see during the Beta that Skylanders can be Leveled Up, Evolved and Awakened. Are there going to be
    any ways to strengthen Skylanders?

    Dev/Team Member: One of the key issues during the Beta test was that players had difficulties feeling a sense of advancement and progress of their favorite Skylanders. For instance, the cost of Evolving and Awakening characters was perceived as too high in some cases and therefore players would express that character progression seemed to slow down.

    To address this issue we have added an additional way to power up and upgrade Skylanders more often, thus making the adventure more enjoyable in general. Players will definitely see and feel their progress up front.

    CM PH: Are there any Skylander
    teamups in Ring of Heroes that you’d recommend to players?

    Dev/Team Member: Everyone should try playing with a King Pen, Dive Clops and Freeze Blade team! You get a tanker, a dealer and a support which creates a nicely balanced formation. But when using this team, be careful of Life and Earth element enemies. Other than that, I think each player will have fun forming their own teams; collect Skylanders and set up teams that suit your battle and strategy style.

    CM PH: What makes Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes stand out from other games?

    Dev/Team Member: The thrill of PVP matches. To provide a real-time, fast-paced, strategic battle system and PVP gameplay experience was a number one goal of ours all through the development stages. Players will be able to choose between casual but fun matches with
    friends, and super competitive matches for the champion title. Whichever you choose, PVP will prove to be fun, intense and rewarding for players who have always been seeking competitive fast-paced turn-based RPG content.

    CM PH: Any final words for fans who are eagerly waiting for Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes?

    Dev/Team Member: We’ve been working day and night on this game for it to be fun, enjoyable, and a game that will entertain players for many years to come. We are also already looking forward to user feedback; what you have to say will help us further polish and improve the game to make it an even more rewarding and fun experience. We’re all really excited for Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes and we hope you are as excited as we are too. See you in Skylands very soon!

    Community Q and A
    Question: How do you plan to keep the longevity of this game going? Can we expect new updates, Events, Characters (variants?), Missions or such in the future for this game?
    Short answer, all the above. Long answer, Ring of Heroes is a chance for our developers to expand and open the door for the players to explore the Skylands. The initials story and cast of the game is just an introduction to the world that the fans are already aware of. The updates will provide more stories, game content...etc. We want the players to be in the Skylands and grow as the Skylands grows with them.

    Question: Will we be able to battle our friends in Ring of Heroes?

    Absolutely. We’re working on a new mode that will allow users to challenge and battle their friends and it will also enable them to battle random users from all over the world. Player versus player (aka PvP) will be a very important, and a totally fun aspect of the game.