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  • August 2018 Dev Blog

    PART I: Meet the Dev

    CM PuffyHuff: Let’s start off with an introduction! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Dev/Team Member:
    CM PH: Who’s your favorite Skylander or Villain, and why?

    CM PH: What are some of the game titles you really like? Don’t like games? Tell us what your favorite shows are or what books you’re reading.

    Dev/Team Member: Recently, I've been playing a lot of Summoner’s War. Mostly because I enjoy
    turn-based, competitive games.

    PART II: Dev Blog

    I'm here as a 3D modeling artist, focusing on characters. As the job title suggests, I create the three-dimensional computer models of Skylanders that appear in-game. My job starts once the concept artists have completed their character sketches; for both Skylanders and Villains, I then create 3D models based off of those aforementioned concepts. After I've finished creating each model, they go over to the super talented animators on our team who bring them to life, in the most literal sense. The animators give them a personality and character, along with signature actions and movements.
    I am currently 100% focused on creating the best Malefor 3D model. A lot of detail goes into this process; from flesh to bone, every single polygon and mesh matters to form the malicious beast that is Malefore! I am trying my best to make sure that his iconic, fearsome traits are expressed properly through the utmost precision of proportions, mixed with real dragon-like textures while staying true to the Skylanders brand.

    Above is the 3D Model Artist in his workspace tinkering with the 3D model of Malefor. You can see the WIP in both the designing program and in game. The sheer scale of Malefor is impressive when compared to the other playable characters.

    PART III: Community Question

    Skylanders fan - CrystalBlazier
    : "Any thoughts of adding a certain Undead Dragon King into the game~?" Hint: "Any thoughts of adding a certain Undead Dragon King into the game~? His name starts with an M and ends with an R."

    3D MA: It looks like Com2us picked the perfect person to answer your question! We look forward to you joining us in meeting and greeting the king of dragons soon, CrystalBlazier!