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[Global] TeamKaos (Top 100) is recruiting level 30+ active players

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  • [Global] TeamKaos (Top 100) is recruiting level 30+ active players

    Greetings Portal Masters!
    TeamKaos, level 10 guild, opens its doors to new members!

    We are looking for new warriors to get our top50 (Rank 95 last week) back after several members left the guild.

    Wanna join us ? It's simple:
    -Be on Global Server
    -Be level 30 or more
    -Be able to farm B8 at least
    -Be active (1 day of absence is tolerated, but if you go away for more without warning me before, you might end up being kicked out)
    -Last but not least: Be nice with others.

    We have decent objectives, but we're not a robot factory. All we seek is helping each other and managing to stay in the top 50 on global server! Most of our communication is done on the guild discord channel. If you're interested and your profile matches our requirement, feel free to join the discord channel and adress a message in the #guild-recruitement section.

    See you soon!

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    Hey, my brother and I would like to join you. I'm the scrubbier of the two at 235k and he's up at 362k. Your Discord link expired otherwise I would hit you there. We're a package deal my ign is smackhand