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Share your ratings - Possible tier list creation?

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  • Share your ratings - Possible tier list creation?

    Hey fellow skylanders!

    As you know, the game has been out for about 2 weeks now. Everybody probably have different skylanders and took different path building the skylanders we got either through summon or the starter skylanders.

    So we have all have different opinions and knowledge of the skylanders. As the game has only been out for 2 weeks, testing of multiple units in different contents is probably limited by each player. So i thought, why not share your knowledge and opinion, so we all can get a better view of each skylander?

    I have looked at the rating in the game itself and it doesn't have many reviews. From experience that's usually how it is in games and it's a little bit lacking for how well a skylander performs in each content. That's why i created this rating system for skylanders:

    In you can grade a skylander for each content in the game from pvp to adventure to rune dungeon. No registration needed, you can simply enter the website and put rating on the skylanders you own.

    You might think it's a hassle to enter the website and put rating. But if you put ratings for your favorite skylanders, and as more people does the same, the data will be more complete. When you get that new skylander and wonder how it performs for pvp or rune dungeon, you can simply check the rating and you will know.

    Thanks in advance for your effort and i will say thanks on behalf of everybody that benefits from your rating of your favorite skylanders! .

    Rate skylanders here: