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  • Community Roles

    The Community Manager is the backbone of the community, the liaison between the community and the developers. It is at their discretion to enforce the rules.

    CM Responsibilities and Tasks
    • Moderate social pages and the forum.
    • Reports issues and suggestions to the game team.
    • Creates content and posts via social media.
    • Launches contests and events via forums and social media.
    • Coordinates and writes GM Blogs.
    • Hires volunteer forum moderators and coordinates tasks.

    The Moderators help convey what we can't and they enforce when we are not around. They should be held in the same esteem as any other official.

    VFM Responsibilities and Tasks
    • Reports issues and suggestions to the CM.
    • Moderate the community forums.
    • Assist fellow Portal Masters with questions and concerns about the game.
    • Handle reported forum posts.

    CM's and VFM's tasks DO NOT include…
    • Handling tickets or Customer Support issues.
    • Fixing bugs or game issues.
    • Deciding sales or item prices.
    • In-game bans (These are handled by Customer Support. A CM or mods can, however, ban forum accounts)
    • Developing new content.