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  • Forum Rules

    To keep the Skylanders Ring of Heroes forums a fun and safe place, we want everyone to abide by the rules posted below. Ignoring these rules will result in a verbal warning or being banned (Depending on the severity of the offense, users may be banned without being given a warning).
    • Nonos: Users should avoid using profanity and words that are considered tasteless.
    • No troll pls thx: Users should never harass/flame/troll their fellow Portal Masters! What would Master Eon think?
    • Play nice Part I: Users should never make racists, derogatory, and threatening comments towards their fellow Portal Masters.
    • Play nice Part II: Please be helpful and courteous to all those that reside in this realm! Users should always provide constructive feedback when they disagree with their fellow Portal Masters and forum officials.
    • Play nice Part III: No naming and shaming! If you have an issue with another user or forum official, please contact the CM or a CS rep.
    • Ssssshh: Do not discuss forum bans/kicks. This is a private matter that should only be addressed via PM on the Forum to the Community Manager or appointed mods. Discussing bans publically will result in an automatic denial of an appeal.
    • The Ban Hammer: For ban appeals, please PM the CM on the forums. Appeals are dealt with on a case by case basis.
    • Where you at?!: Please refrain from tagging (@ing) forum officials in matters that are not relevant to the game or on matters that are beyond their control. If you're confused about what forum officials can or can not do, please read our Community Roles Page.
    • Spam-free Zone: Spamming messages and “necroing” old threads is frowned upon and may lead to warnings, bans/kicks.
    • Saltier than the Dead Sea: Need to let off some steam? Head over to the Rants and Raves section and get it off your chest so we can all enjoy a low-sodium gaming experience. Keep in mind, you must abide by all previously state rules.
    • For the full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for a better understanding of our general rules.