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[CONTEST] Awaken Your Inner Artist: Fan-Art Contest

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  • [CONTEST] Awaken Your Inner Artist: Fan-Art Contest

    Awaken Your Inner Artist!

    To kick off our very first Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes fanart contest, we’re asking users to design their very own Awakened Forms for their favorite Skylanders! Create an original Awakened Form for any Skylander that currently in-game. Be as detailed as you like!
    And the best part? YOU get to vote for the winner with the best designs.

    Ever wondered what a Doom Raider would look like if they could be Awakened? Well, we sure do! As a Bonus, you can also create an Awakened Form for any villain that’s currently in-game, too!

    Now, let’s get creative!

    Contest Date:
    Start: April 15th
    End: May 15th (11:59 pm PST)
    Community Judging: May 17th May 20th
    Winners will be announced May 21st

    Every participant will get a prize but only 3 in each category will receive a special Prize package (6 winners in total)!

    Contest Categories:
    • Best Skylander Awakened Form
      • Three(3) Top Prize winners will be selected
    • Best Villain Awakened Form
      • Three(3) Top Prize winners will be selected

    Each Top Prize winner will receive:
    • 1st place – 2000 Gems, 3000 Energy, and 2x Ultra-Premium Summoning Tickets
    • 2nd place – 2000 Gems and 2x Ultra-Premium Summoning Tickets
    • 3rd place – 1500 Gems and 2x Ultra-Premium Summoning Tickets
    All participants will receive:
    • 2x Ultra-Premium Summoning Tickets (Top 3 Winners will also get the participation reward)

    • Every participant will get a reward, but STICK FIGURE drawings are automatically disqualified.
    • Create and draw an original Awakened Form of any 1 Skylander and/or any 1 Villain
    • You can use digital or traditional media (“hand drawn” or digitally drawn)
    • 1 entry per category per person
    • If you are voted in the top 3 for both categories, the higher place prize will be awarded. 4th place winner will not be awarded even if one person wins in both categories.
    • You can revise and edit your entry until the end of the entry period.
    • Please only submit images from scratch. EDITED SCREENSHOTS AND TRACING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
    • 3D models and sculpts are allowed also (Programs such as 3DS Max, Maya, and ZBrush are permissible)
    • If a tie occurs between 2 or more users, the user with the most recent vote, verified by the post timestamp, will be declared the winner
    • During the voting period, users will vote in this thread by posting the name of the artist(s) they like best. Names will be counted and the votes will be tallied.
    • You may not vote for your own submission.
    • Open to all participants with a valid Hive ID and Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes IGN (for reward distribution) who are 13 years of age or older.
    • Prizes have no cash value.
    • Sponsor: Com2uS Corporation.
    • Official Rules apply.

    • Post your submission in this thread (jpeg, jpg, or png only)
    • Include your IGN (In-game name) and PID (Player ID)
    • OPTIONAL: Provide a link, handle, or profile name to your own social page so that we can tag you and when we promote your work on our social networks! (Deviant Art, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook)
    If you have any questions regarding submissions, feel free to ask here in this thread.

    Official Rules >>

  • Ninjabuzz
    commented on 's reply
    I vote for both awakened skylander and villain submissions of Chyeaaah! It's just amazing

  • ShiningStar
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah it seems pretty strange that most of them joined during voting time and also only have one post, but then again, this isn’t the biggest of social networks. But judging by the entire, that’s so shady that it should be the dark element, definitely suspicious.

    Ps. Your entire looks great, but I won’t vote for you cus I’m also a contender

  • SC3GL
    I vote for
    BrainlessNL's Awakened Rage Mage and Kinetic88's Awaken flashwing

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  • SeanB
    My vote

    MasterEon's Gulper look funny

    Kinetic88's Awaken flashwing (IGN Jakute) look good.

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  • Ayay5678
    I’m a little late, but I vote for Sky_Universe’s Hex because the horns and Dr.Goo’s Krankcase because I love the purple but all entries are very good

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  • Xpop699
    I vote for Sky_Universe's Hex and Hazehonorable's Golden Queen

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  • SefranGaming
    My votes are for Ember and Bad Juju by Mascarale, the best.

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  • slamke
    I vote for SKYLAVERSE’s Ninjini and Golden Queen! He is very talented

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  • Justintyme
    Awakened chompy

    Player name: surgical
    PID: 100009543677
    Attached Files

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  • Tecton3
    My vote:
    Kinetic88's Awaken flashwing IGN: Jakute
    TingleTime1088's Chompy MageIGN:tingletime10

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  • carlanoev
    I vote for Ember and Bad Juju from Mascarale :>

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  • Griff
    I vote for Ninjini, and Golden Queen by SKYLAVERSE

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  • JAP28
    My vote is for yakaleo's Awaken Ignitor.

    Soooo many awesome artists and creative people.
    Last edited by JAP28; 05-20-2019, 02:40 PM.

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  • TheTuck
    Awakened Dr. Krankcase
    Portal Master: Turq

    IGN: HazehonorVotes:

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