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Barbella Shards do not drop

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  • Barbella Shards do not drop

    1. Operating System: android
    2. Build #: latest
    3. Where the Issue Occurs: earth stages, hard
    4. Issue Description: barbella stages do not drop shards after guaranteed amount.
    5. Screenshots: NA
    6. Barbella shards do not drop after guaranteed amount. many of my guild members and myself have farmed barbella stages at least, if not more than, 10000 times. 0 shards drop after guaranteed amount. its not just bad luck. thank you.

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    I have also noticed this issue. Other nat 4 pieces do drop after the allotted 10 each day, such as shadow spitfire. Barbella shards do not.


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      Confirmed... as in farmed many many times now with no drops after the guaranteed amount. I have farmed through wham-shell, boomer, etc and never gone this long without getting a shard, it is not just bad luck. This is the only stage / hero I have noticed this for as I am farming other nodes just fine after the guaranteed amounts.


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        I screwed up the Master Eon event and awakened barbella instead of 5 starring her. I spent FOREVER trying to farm more barbella pieces to 5 star her so that I can get my legendary pieces. Her shards do not drop past the 10 per day.