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[Event] Darth's Evolution Lab

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  • [Event] Darth's Evolution Lab

    Hello Adventurers!

    Darth, one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe, is attempting to conquer the Tiny Continent.
    As the first step, he began to study the Heroes' evolution system.
    What would Darth find out through the research?
    Participate in Darth's research and investigate his conspiracy!

    > Event Schedule: May 31st - Jun. 14th (Based on server time)

    > Event Details:

    Event 1) Daily 100 Energy Gift
    - Darth will be sending Energy every day as a research expense for studying the evolution!

    Event 2) Darth's Evolution Research
    - Check out the evolution goals below and participate in the research!

    Evolve 2 times: 30,000 Gold
    Evolve 4 times: 100 Energy
    Evolve 6 times: 60,000 Gold
    Evolve 8 times: 3~6★ Hero Scroll x2
    Evolve 10 times: 100,000 Gold

    ※ Please Read
    - The mission will be counted whenever you evolve Heroes (Fixed/Random Evolution).
    - All event rewards will be sent to the Inbox.
    - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.
    - For any question or concern, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

    We wish you all the luck and thank you for participating in our event!