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  • Christmas Attendance Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Merry Christmas and happy "early" new year!
    Make sure to play Wonder Tactics during holidays to claim various rewards!

    Please read below for more info.

    > Event: Dec. 21st - Jan. 8th (server time)

    > Event Details:

    - Check in every day to get rewards at the Inbox!
    Date Reward Quantity
    Dec. 21st Gold 200000
    Dec. 22nd Energy 300
    Dec. 23rd 6★ Hero Scroll 1
    Dec. 24th Dungeon Key 30
    Dec. 25th Ancient Egg 1
    Dec. 26th Gold 100000
    Dec. 27th Energy 300
    Dec. 28th Power-up Stone 500
    Dec. 29th 5~6★ Mythical Equipment Scroll 1
    Dec. 30th Lv. 4~6 Gem Scroll 3
    Dec. 31st Rare Rune Stone Summoning Stone 1
    Jan. 1st Crystal 1000
    Jan. 2nd 4★ Dark Devil (+5) 1
    Jan. 3rd Gold 100000
    Jan. 4th Energy 300
    Jan. 5th Power-up Stone 500
    Jan. 6th 6★ Hero Scroll 1
    Jan. 7th Lv. 4~6 Gem Scroll 3
    * Please Read

    - The event will be held based on the server time:
    > Global/Global Z: PST/PDT
    > Korea/Japan/China: Time zone of the country
    > Asia: GMT +8

    - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting