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  • Christmas Burning Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    We've prepared some holiday special Burning Time Events and the White Ring Event as Christmas gifts to you all!
    Enjoy these awesome events and have a wonderful holiday!

    > Event: Dec. 22nd - 30th (server time)

    > Event Details:

    Event 1) Enjoy various burning time events!

    ​1. 2x EXP in Normal Dungeons
    Every day during 10am - 11am (Dec. 22nd - 30th)

    2. 2x Reward in Abandoned Mine
    Every day during 12pm - 1pm (Dec. 25th - 26th & Dec. 27th - 29th)

    3. Equipment/Gem Free Removal
    Every day during 1pm - 3pm (Dec. 22nd - 26th)

    4. 2x Bonus Monster Drop Rate
    Every day during 8pm - 11:59pm (Dec. 22nd - 30th)​

    Event 2) White Ring Event

    - White Rings will be dropped in the Normal Dungeon with a fixed chance.
    - There are 2~4★ White Rings. (You can also acquire 3~4★ White Rings from summoning.)
    - You can't Power-up or Evolve White Rings. However, you can use White Rings as Power-up material.
    - You can collect the following amount of Gold from selling White Rings.

    2★ White Ring 9,000 Gold
    3★ White Ring 45,000 Gold
    4★ White Ring 225,000 Gold

    * Please Read

    - The event will be held based on the server time:
    > Global/Global Z: PST/PDT
    > Korea/Japan/China: Time zone of the country
    > Asia: GMT +8

    - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting