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Forest Dragon's Flower Festival Event Notice

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  • Forest Dragon's Flower Festival Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Soon, the Forest Dragon's Flower Festival will be held!
    Gather 5 different types of flowers to give to visitors as a gift.
    Lots of Gold is available in this event. So, make sure to participate!

    *Note* This event resets at 12am based on server time.

    > Event: Aug. 30th 1am - Sep. 20th 1am PDT

    (Rewards available until Sep. 21st 1am PDT)

    Event 1. Daily Gifts for Adventurers!

    - Collect Daily Gifts every day!
    - Daily Gifts: 50 Energy and 50,000 Gold

    Event 2. Make Flower Baskets!

    - Complete each mission to make a flower!

    [Flower Making Missions]

    1) Power-up a Gem 3 times > Pink Flower
    2) Power-up the Equipment 2 times > Purple Flower
    3) Power-up a Hero 2 times > White Flower
    4) Use 5,000 Gold at the Black Market (Accumulated) > Yellow Flower
    5) Random/Fixed Evolve a Hero 1 time > Red Flower

    - If you made all 5 kinds of flowers, make a Flower Basket!
    - You can possess up to 5 Flower Baskets.

    Event 3. Hand Out Flower Baskets to Visitors

    - You will have 5 visitors at your village every day!
    - Hand out the Flower Baskets to visitors and get rewards!

    [Reward per Visitor]

    Lunique: 50,000 Gold and 3~6★ Hero Scroll x3
    Gileo: 50,000 Gold and Hexa Core x100
    Pan: 50,000 Gold and Lv. 3 Rainbow Gem x3
    Astar: 50,000 Gold and 3~6★ Light-Dark Hero Scroll x1
    Kitty: 50,000 Gold and 300 Crystals

    Event 4. Flower Basket Exchange

    - Exchange 1 Flower Basket for a random reward!
    - Gift can be exchanged for free once a day even if you don't have any flower baskets left!

    [Available Gift]

    - 10,000 ~ 200,000 Gold

    Event 5. Gold Refund Shop
    - Do you need some Gold? You can get 500,000 Gold if you have less than 300,000 Gold! (3 times only)

    Please check out details in the game!