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  • Pones' Summer Shop Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Pones' Summer Shop where you can acquire various rewards at a reasonable price will be open!
    Gather Summer Shop Points to purchase Legendary Hero Scroll Pieces and infinite Energy!

    > Event Schedule: Jul. 5th 1am - Jul. 19th 1am PDT

    > Event Details

    Event 1) Collect Your Cool Check-in Rewards!

    Energy x100 + 1~5★ Hero Scroll x5 + 20 Summer Shop Points

    Event 2) Collect Summer Shop Points!

    - Enter the Normal Dungeon (2pts/Up to 150 times a day)
    - Use 1 Dungeon Key (2pts/Up to 100 times a day)
    - Power-up a Hero (2pts/Up to 20 times a day)
    - Fix/Random Evolve a Hero (5pts/Up to 20 times a day)
    - Awaken/Transcend a Hero (5pts)
    - Summon a Legendary/Mythical Hero (10pts)
    - Summon a 1~2★ Hero (1pts)
    - Summon a 3~6★ Hero (5pts)

    Event 3) Draw Summer Limited Capsules!

    : Draw Capsules 20 times a day to get various rewards!

    Event 4) Collect Summer Limited Capsule Series

    : Collect special toys from the capsules and get a special reward, too!

    Event 5) Special Discount Shop

    : Use Summer Shop points to purchase items of your choice!


    - 3~6★ Light-Dark Hero Scroll
    - Legendary Hero Scroll Piece
    - Lv.3 Rainbow Gem
    - EXP Booster (12hr)
    - Energy x50 (Infinity)

    Check out more details in the game!