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  • Exciting Vacation Event Notice!

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    We'd like to inform you that we've made some modifications on an issue that may have caused confusions in the Exciting Vacation Event page.

    Issue: Users were unable to use the Bonus Button since there were no buttons or notices to inform them enough to tap the Bonus Button first when they arrived on the bonus spot and the ""Roll"" Button became deactivated.

    Modifications: We've modified the Bonus Button to be seen more easily through the event page modification.

    We're also planning to add pop-up messages and additional information to help you acknowledge the process of the event. (Planned to be add on Jun. 25th)

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenienced caused by this issue and thank you for your understanding."

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Half of this year has already passed!
    Have you planned a summer vacation? Do you have a particular place you'd like to visit?
    Wonder Tactics will be holding an exciting vacation event this time!
    Roll dice and have a great time in Wonder Tactics!

    Please see below for more info on the update.

    ▶Event: Jun. 21st 1am - Jul. 5th 1am PDT (Rewards available until Jul. 6th 1am PDT)

    ▶Event Details:

    How to acquire dice (Up to 7 dice can be acquired a day)

    - Check-in: 1
    - Clear Normal Dungeon 50 times: 1
    - Clear Ancient Fortress or Abandoned Mine 10 times: 1
    - Enter the Glory Battlefield 10 times: 1
    - Bonus Event: 1

    Event 1) Daily Check-in Reward

    Let's get ready for the vacation!

    Reward: 100 Energy + 1 Die

    Event 2) Let's go on a vacation!

    Roll dice to take a vacation! Don't forget to collect rewards on your way!

    Rewards: Energy, Gold, Life Egg, Mysterious Egg, 3★ Dark Devil (+5), Lv. 3 Rainbow Gem, 3~6★ Hero Scroll, 4~6★ Hero Scroll, Bonus Box (one of the following items: 3~6★ Light-Dark Hero Scroll, Lv. 4 Rainbow Gem, Hexa Core)

    Event 3) Vacation completion gifts are ready for you!

    Gifts will be given according to the cumulative no. of lap completions!

    1 lap completion: 4~6★ Light-Dark Hero Scroll
    3 lap completions: 5~6★ Hero Scroll
    5 lap completions: 6★ Hero Scroll

    Bonus Event) Organizing the souvenirs!

    Complete power-up missions every day to acquire a bonus die!
    Power-up a Gem 5 times: 50 Energy
    Power-up Equipment 20 times: 100 Power-up Stones

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