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Mission! Consecutive Check-ins!

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  • Mission! Consecutive Check-ins!

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    We've prepared a surprise event for you all!
    Check in for 5 days to get awesome rewards!

    Please see below for more info.

    ■ Schedule: Jun. 4th - Jun. 8th (server time)

    ■ Event 1. Daily Light-Dark Hero Scroll!

    - Check in every day during the event to get rewards listed below!
    [Reward] 3~6★ Light-Dark Hero Scroll x1 + Energy x100

    ■ Event 2. Mission! Consecutive Check-ins!

    - Check in every day during the event!
    You can get a 6★ Hero Scroll when you check in 5 days in a row!

    ※ Please Note
    - Each reward will be sent to the Inbox.
    - The consecutive check-in record will reset if you don't check in consecutively.
    - Each event will be held based on the server time.
    > Global/Global Z: PST/PDT
    > Korea/Japan/China: Time zone of the country
    > Asia: GMT +8