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Master of Fortress Strategy Event #2 Notice

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  • Master of Fortress Strategy Event #2 Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Thank you everyone for participating in the Strategy Event #1!

    We've selected 100 users among the participants and sent out the gifts to the Inbox!
    - Reward: 300 Crystals

    In addition, we've prepared another event with the best strategies!
    Check out the info below and go to the [Event] Menu to participate!

    ▶ Event Schedule:
    - May 23rd 1am - Jun. 1st 1am PDT

    ▶Event Details:
    Event 1) Vote for the best strategy every day to get Dungeon Keys and Energy!

    Vote Here:

    [Daily Participation Reward] Dungeon Key x10, Energy x100

    Event 2) Rewards will be given to the best strategies according to their ranks!

    [Best Strategy Reward]
    - No. 1: 4~6★ Legendary Hero Scroll x1
    - No. 2: 2,000 Crystals
    - No. 3: 1,500 Crystals
    - No. 4: 1,000 Crystals
    - No. 5: 500 Crystals

    ※ Please Note
    - The event will be held as all-server event.
    - The event schedule might change due to some circumstances.
    - Participating in this event through any unauthorized method may disqualify you from the participations or/and from rewards.
    - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting
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