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  • Sky Fortress Opening Notice

    Greetings Heroes!

    Please see below for more info on the Sky Fortress schedule and each shrine's condition
    Make sure to enter the Sky Fortress and collect various rewards!


    Sky Fortress will be open for a week, and you can enter the each shrine on certain days, and you can enter all shrines on the last day.

    - May. 21st 12am - May. 27th 11:59pm

    > Day 1 & 2: Shrine of Wisdom
    > Day 3 & 4: Shrine of Patience
    > Day 5 & 6: Shrine of Power
    > Day 7: All Shrines

    ▶Details on Each Shrine

    Please check the list below to learn more about the Hero that is guarding the last stage of each shrine and the special condition of each stage!

    ▶ Sky Fortress Details

    - You can enter up to 15 times a day.
    - You'll start from Beginner Mode when you first enter the shrine. When you clear all of the stages of the current difficulty, you can proceed to a higher difficulty.
    - You can collect all of the rewards for the difficulty you've cleared.

    ▶ Sky Fortress Reward Details
    20 Blessed Hero Scroll Pieces given upon clearing each shrine * (Total of 4 stages) + 120 Blessed Hero Scroll Pieces given upon clearing the last stage = 200 Blessed Hero Scroll Pieces will be given in total

    Please Note

    - Sky Fortress is an Event Dungeon and will have different stages, content, and conditions than the previous ones.
    - Sky Fortress will be available in the server time.
    > Korea/Japan/China: Time zone of the country
    > Asia: GMT +8