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  • Exciting Theme Park Event!

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    Greetings from Com2uS!

    We're back with another exciting event!
    Participate in the Exciting Theme Park Event and play various mini-games to get rewards!
    Please see below for more info.

    ▶ Event: May 10th 1am - May 31st 1am PDT (Rewards are available until Jun. 1st 1am PDT)

    ▶ Event Details:
    - How to collect tickets (You can't use the acquired tickets on the following day!)
    - Check-in: 1 ticket
    - Clear the Normal Dungeon 20 times: 1 ticket
    - Clear the Secret Dungeon 2 times: 1 ticket
    - Enter the Glory Battlefield 5 times: 1 ticket

    1. Daily Check-in Rewards
    Welcome to the theme park! Collect your daily rewards!
    Reward: 100 Energy + 1 Ticket

    2. Pop the balloons!
    You can get better rewards when you win on your first try!
    - Win on the 1st Try: 4~6★ Hero Scroll x1
    - Win on the 2nd Try: Mysterious Egg x1
    - Win on the 3rd Try: 50,000 Gold
    - Win on the 4th Try: Lv. 3 Rainbow Gem x3
    - Win on the 5th Try: 3~6★ Hero Scroll x2
    - Win on the 6th Try: 1~5★ Hero Scroll x5

    3. God of victory!
    Predict a winning Hero! Each Hero has a different winning rate!
    When you predict successfully
    - Wagon's Victory Reward: Lv. 2~4 Gem Scroll x2 + 50 Energy
    - Rosemary's Victory Reward: Lv. 4~6 Gem Scroll x2 + 50 Energy
    When you failed to predict
    - Reward: 30 Energy

    4. Ticket Exchange Shop
    You can't use the acquired tickets on the following day! Put your remaining tickets into the collecting box!
    Reward: 50 Energy or 70 Power-up Stones (Select either one)

    ※ Please Read
    - Tickets reset every day.
    - The tickets are available during the event only and will be deleted from the game after the event ends.
    - For Event 2, you can get better re wards when you find a win balloon with less tries.
    - For Event 3, Waygon has 70% of winning rate, and Rosemary has 30% of winning rate.
    - For Event 3, tap the See Previous Results to check the previous results.
    - For Bonus Event, you can fill up the box on the next day when you didn't fill up the box fully on a day.
    - For Bonus Event, if you don't collect your reward after filling up the ticket box with the tickets, you can still collect your reward during the event period and the no. of available rewards will be deducted on the day you collected your reward.
    - You can't acquire tickets during the reward collection period. You can only collect rewards that you haven't acquired yet in the event page during this time.
    (Rewards are available until Jun. 1st 1am PDT)
    - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.
    - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting​