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[In-game] Year-end Special! Kingmaker Event

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  • [In-game] Year-end Special! Kingmaker Event

    Greetings Heroes!

    Wonder Tactics has prepared a special year-end event to sum up the record of 2017!

    Check out the Kingmaker Event and cast your vote for your favorite heroes!

    Rewards will be given for the votes you casted every day and according to the rank of the Hero you selected!

    (Make sure to participate in the bonus event where you can exchange remaining tickets for Energy!)

    This is an all-server event so make sure to cast a vote for your favorite hero to make him/her be No. 1!

    Please read below for more info.

    > Event: Nov. 8th 6pm - Nov. 29th 6pm PST

    (Rewards will be available until Nov. 30th 6pm PST)

    > Event Details:

    Event 1. Get tickets!

    This is a preparation for you to vote! You can get tickets according to the no. of gameplays.

    ※ Your tickets in possession will reset every day and won't be accumulated.
    ※ You can use the remaining tickets in the daily bonus event.

    (Please note that you can use tickets that you earned each day and tickets won't be accumulated.)

    Check-in, Enter the Normal Dungeon 30 times, Enter the Abandoned Mine 7 times, Enter the Ancient Fortress 7 times, Enter the Forgotten Island 2 times

    Event 2. Vote Completion Reward

    Cast a vote every day to get rewards! Don't forget to vote!

    ※ You can get rewards when you cast your vote in Event 3.
    ※ Each reward is available once a day.

    Cast 1 vote: 1~5★ Hero Scroll x5
    Cast 3 votes: 2~4★ Gem Scroll x3
    Cast 5 votes: Energy x100 + Gold x100,000
    Cast 7 votes: 3~6★ Hero Scroll x3
    Cast 10 votes: 4~6★ Gem Scroll

    Event 3. Pick your favorite Hero!

    Cast your votes to your favorite Hero to be No. 1 of all!

    Cast a vote each week (Week 1/2/3)!

    Keep in mind that you won't be able to change your decision once you've selected a Hero to vote for!

    Event 4. Check Results!

    Check the results live! You can't know the results until the end! Check results and get rewards!

    1st place reward: Crystal x1,000 + Rainbow Gem Lv. 4 x1
    2nd place reward: Crystal x500 + Rainbow Gem Lv. 4 x1
    3rd place reward: Crystal x250 + Rainbow Gem Lv. 4 x1

    Bonus Event. Ticket Exchange Shop

    Exchange your remaining tickets for Energy!

    ※ Please Read

    - This event is only a popularity vote and doesn't have a purpose of modifying the balancing of the game.

    - Tickets will reset every day so please make sure to use the acquired tickets on the same day as you've acquired them.

    - For Event 4, rewards will be available after the results of each week is revealed.

    - For Event 4, you have to participate at least one time in order to collect rewards for each week. You won't be able to participate in the vote for the week that has already ended.

    - This voting event will be held as an all-server event.

    - Vote status will be refreshed every 24 hours.

    - Rewards will be sent to the Inbox.

    - You can't participate in the event during the reward collection period,

    and you can only collect the rewards during that time. (Rewards available until Nov. 30th 7pm PST)

    - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    - For questions of customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting