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Crystals to Diamonds, please

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  • Crystals to Diamonds, please

    Hello Devs,

    It has been known for a long time that diamonds are hard to come by. I'd like to make a suggestion.

    Let us purchase diamonds with crystals. Below are a few options I think would work for this:
    1) The first purchase would be something like 10 diamonds for 150 crystals. Then the crystal cost would double for each purchase, i.e. 1st purchase is 150 crystals = 10 diamonds, 2nd purchase 300 crystals = 10 diamonds, 3rd purchase 600 crystals = 10 diamonds, etc. This should reset every day.
    2) Make a limit of two purchases a day, with the second one costing more than the first, i.e. 1st purchase is 150 crystals = 10 diamonds, 2nd purchase is 500 crystals = 15 diamonds.
    3) Allow a max of 10 diamond purchases with crystals a month, i.e. 1,500 crystals = 100 diamonds limited to 10 each month (0/10).
    4) Allow an infinite number of diamond purchases at the same rate, i.e. always 500 crystals = 20 diamonds.

    I'm very curious to hear the community's and the devs's thoughts on this. I know diamonds have been a sore subject, especially for free to play players.


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    Definitely agree with this. F2P players have no chance getting diamonds now.


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      I do think all F2P players must agree with this! I don't understand why there is no ways to collect diamond right now.


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        You're driving away f2p players who make up the largest part of the playerbase by giving them no way to compete with paying players who have easy access to diamonds