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Please Nerf Tripitaka Master

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  • Please Nerf Tripitaka Master

    Good morning, I'd like to ask devs totake a deeper look into tripitaka master. In deep end game on pvp, he do not let you even play if he goes, he is way way better than dias (wich is a mith) and any other creature, pretty much he is 1 button auto win, and you don't even need to build him properly, just stack debuff res or runes that doesn't let he get cc, and press 1 button to win. It's really frustrating that devs didn't notice that yet, so im asking again, take a look at this monster because he doesn't make any sense to the game the way he is right now. (i though you would had look at him while you looked at Mermaid Selena, but apparently not.

    Thank you,