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Make 2x fortress a suitable time for Europe

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  • Make 2x fortress a suitable time for Europe

    I've been playing the game for a long time, and I'm sick of this now, especially with this current burning event.
    For all of Europe, and I think some of the US the 2x fortress is really early in the morning. For me it is 3-4am!
    That means maybe once a month I can get access to the 2x fortress and its a massive advantage for Asian players (among the many others they get).
    SOLUTION: Either make the bonus burning times for 2x fortress at the same time as mines or put in another time slot so European and American players can actually do the 2x fort, and maybe catch up with other continents.
    This is a really big imbalance in the game

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    +1, only asia it norm time ... scrooll x2 gold have everyday --> need scrooll x2 fortress everyday
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