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  • New arena setup

    I believe everyone has learned a great deal from having the arena servers merged. I've enjoyed the impossible battles against the far overpowered Asian servers. Yet with the new trophies available it seems like it will be something that is reserved for the few Asian players who have had a huge head start over many of the other servers.

    For Guild vs Guild the setup is fun and challenging because as a group we can overcome the impossible odds at least sometimes. In arena however it's just not possible. With the addition of runes on top of the all the legendary gems it's too difficult to plan for any type of defense or offense. It's take a guess and hope for the best.

    I'd love to see 2 separate arenas. One for all servers and one for the current server in which you reside.

    This would allow some of the newer players a chance to get the trophies they would never be able to reach now, and would also boost the amount of swords players would need to use in order to participate in both. A win for C2us as that's many more crystals spent which means more $.

    You can adjust the rewards as needed for both arena types. Perhaps slightly lower rewards for single server and slightly better for all server rewards.

    You could even only allow each person to to pick one arena each week and participate that way, but that would not make any extra money.

    Many players feel hopeless when it comes to fighting in the arena and end up skipping it all together because of how quickly the strong Asian servers can defeat them.

    I hope you will take this into consideration.

    Kind regards,