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  • Updated packages

    All the packages offered need to be updated. What is currently offered is fine for new players, but almost useless for veteran players.

    Legendary gear pack needs to be updated to mythic gear.

    The blessed hero packs are a joke, I'm confident that's one of the lowest sellers. Even the light/dark version is useless for most of the experienced players. They should be offered at a low price and advertised to newer players.

    The monthly pet package is worse than the one available weekly.

    I'm sure you get the idea.

    What can be done to fix it.

    Make the rotating packages level specific.

    For new players offer a bunch of 4-6* legendary gear

    For veterans offer mythic gear with magic slots.

    Another package that should be available is one that offers clues of seal. Or a package that has a LOT of keys in order to farm those seals.

    Please take some time and make the packs you offer relevant again. My spending has dropped by 90% because you don't offer anything I can use. The only spending I do now is just to keep crystals for dismantle.

    As a side note please also update Nest rewards. At this point there's little point to doing nest aside from a few crystals. We get normal legendary gear commonly now.

    It would be great to hear from the com2us staff on some of these recent posts to show you still care and listen to your loyal community.

    Kind regards,


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    +1, +1, +1,...

    Really agree with you on the nest rewards, and I like your ideas on changing the packages. I think Com2Us should take up these suggestions. They would make more money and their players would also progress better and have more options available.

    Updating the nest rewards is the most important point, I'd like to see more relevant cores/equips or more crystals as a reward. Additionally:

    I'd like to hear from some of the Com2US staff in regard to some of the more recent things posted, it would be nice to hear that they still care about their WonderTactics players and have plans to continue to respond to their needs and update the game....

    Please Com2US if you are reading this please communicate with your players.