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Easier Trait Activation for Shakina

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  • Easier Trait Activation for Shakina

    Just a suggestion. I saw the post about the easier trait activation. Shakina requires 2 diamonds 1 heart and 1 circle at lvl 6. Can you guys remove one of the diamonds requirement? It's pretty hard to level up a gem to 6. Even harder so when leveling two of the same type. And it's really hard to find an equipment that fits her requirement. (2 diams, 1 heart, 1 circ) Let alone the stats that come along with it.

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    I think it should be hard to active because she destroy all tanky team.


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      But what's the point? Just to "make it harder"? Finding the exact equipment and the grinding of gems is too exhausting especially for new players who got Shakina as one of their first legs.

      I believe this isn't fair for a Shakina as she's only a legendary unit. Of all the legendaries, only Shakina and Raria have the 4 gem requirement. There are other legendaries that are just as strong, useful or maybe even better than Shakina but their traits are a lot more easier to activate. I understand the need for myths to have 4 gem as these makes them special and hard earned. But for the newbies (who mostly gets legs and not myths) on their first few pulls, this isn't very fun and it will eventually take the toll on them and realize hunting for that very rare equipment is too exhausting. And aside from that, leveling a gem to 6 is very time consuming, and you have to do it twice on the Diamond gem as it needs 2 of Diams which makes you need to farm twice as much resources on the same shape.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think it is "just" that the 4 gem requirement should only apply for the myths. As these myths are on another level in terms of power compared to a legendary.