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  • Content / Balance Update - Required

    This game is losing a lot of it's key players. It is acquiring players at a slow rate, but a lot of the end game players tend to push them away due to a few key things. This topic will address these issues.
    - Arena
    - Heroes
    - Chat
    - In Game Lag / Compatibility Issues / Stabilization
    + Collecting and purchasing rewards from in game shops/inbox
    - Heroes that are simply just to good. Pets, and Legendary Gems.
    Throughout the past 6 months this game has exceeded at giving out new content and being up to date with DECENT events. However, this game doesn't need more content at the moment. It needs to address outdated in game content.

    Arena has been a key factor since the beginning, however now with 250+ heroes to choose from, legendary gems, pets, and a strong top 200 player base, the way arena currently works is poor. It gives end game players an advantage and trashes new players. This forces new players to stay from arena until they are lvl 80, which by then they think they are an "mid/end game player" when really lvl 80 is the starting point.
    - Currently Arena works by giving points to the player who wins, and reduces points to the player who lost for each arena battle and vice versa for if the defender wins and attacker loses. (amount of points lost or gained is a % based on the difference between ranking). This means players are waiting until the last 30 minutes to do arena, and its a free for all for who can spend the most and win the fastest. In the end game world, anyone in the top 100 can almost certainly beat anyone in the top 100. Even more so for the top 50. This is unfair to the people who do arena every day throughout the week. Arena should award people for doing arena, not for being able to spend crystals and farm people for 30 minutes. When an attacker wins, the defender shouldn't lose points. This would allow for people to climb higher in points, and making it harder for the lazy people. If you think about it, this would force people to play the game more. However because it would be harder for people to climb in rankings last minute, the arena rewards would need to be updated. (Maybe increase current yieldings by 30%). It would also probably be smart to have a tier system like guild vs guild currently has, players below lvl 80 should have their own arena, that way they aren't stuck in ranks 1000+ (unless they wallet).

    Heroes is everything in this game. You need heroes to advance. However, a majority of the new heroes are starting to trump the original starting heroes. They have higher base stats, better skills, better gem slots, better everything. The older heroes need a balance update so bad. Not to mention class types. There is currently Attackers, Support heroes, and Defense heroes. Often support and attackers have higher speeds, and defense heroes are tanky and slow. But this changes based on Hero element type, fire types have higher attack, water types have higher defense, earth types have higher hp, light types have higher speed, and dark types have higher attack, and slower speeds. The game needs a better class system, which follows closer to attackers, support heroes, and defense heroes, and less on the elemental types. It would help further to give heroes one or two types, such as attack and support, which would mean high attack, high speed, low defense, low hp. If it would be just attack, it should have far superior attack, average speed, low defense, low-mid hp. Using this system at least 30% of the current heroes would need to be updated between 5-6*'s. and legendary type heroes, and make there skills actually rely on on their class, type, not give a defensive support hero attack traits and attack skills.

    Chat needs an update. There needs to be a better monitoring of words, some of the words that are blocked are unnecessary and weird. You should have different words blocked for different servers. Global should have its own set of blocked words, and Chinese should have its own set of blocked words. You shouldn't mix Chinese with global restrictions. It would also be nice to have a pm or whisper function, so players can talk one on one without the spam of other people. We also don't need to see the 5* light and dark and heroes people are random or fix evolving. It ruins the pattern of what you guys currently have. The 5* fixed evolve of legendary heroes can be removed, we don't need to see it twice once at 5* and once at 6*. There should also be some assistance between channels. People that start off in channel 101 don't even know about channel 2000 and 2001, which are both English speaking and the primary channels for end game players. It would be nice if there was something that told where a majority of the people are based on language. Vets know that 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000,etc.. all change languages because we looked and checked, newer players aren't going to know this because they got tossed in 101 and were never told that more people actually reside in other channels.

    Lag has always been an issue. There needs to be better stabilization between andriod and iOS. One of the main issues is loading secret dungeons. It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes just to be able to click on anything. Its fairly annoying have to wait even 30 seconds just to go do a secret dungeon, when it takes 25 seconds beat. It's a waste of time, and almost every iOS person has the issue and it happens to andriod as well, just andriod has a greater rage of phones and software so it varies between device more. Another issue is the collecting and rewarding of items. If i go and purchase something from guild shop, it shouldn't take 20 seconds to send me the item. It should be damn near instant. I takes me 5 minutes to buy everything from guild shop everyday, when it could take 30 seconds. There are little inconveniences like this throughout the entire game, like collecting things from the mall box. If you guys made the game run more smoothly it would be so much better. Not to mention the new pixelization issue that people have been experiencing with the most recent WT update. Having better stabilization would also mean less crashes during arena fights, gvg fights, and nest battles. This is what upsets people most of the time.

    Heroes / Pets / Legendary Gems
    Legendary Gems need to be removed from the game. Period. No questions asked. They are highly unfair towards people and break the game. I have gotten 5 legendary gems in the past year and a half. This is complete BS. Most asian players have 5 leg gems on one hero every gvg stage every gvg battle. The drop rates between servers are complete ass and need to be updated / changed. If you put 4 revive gems on dias, pair with salamar and fire drag, fire drag has 2-4 reflect gems, and you win 90% of every gvg battle. Not to mention all the other gems that are on their purgee, talia, wukong, liena, temira, grace, ental, rosemary, what ever else is in there 4v4 and 5v5. Most of the time every top 5 asian guild has at least 4-6 leg gems per stage on one or more heroes. The advantage leg gems give is just ridiculous.

    Lion, Iris, Dias, Salamar, Evg, Hydra, Temira, Hoami, are simply heroes to strong to be in the game. They need to be nerfed to the level of other heroes, or other heroes need to be buffed dramatically. Raidecca sucks, Christina sucks, Plath sucks, Raria sucks, Septune sucks, Waygon sucks, Snow Dragon sucks, and I don't even want to list all of the 6* heroes that suck. Because there are only 1-2 per elemental type that are good enough to be used as a situational hero. There are more 3 and 4* heroes that are used because of tot and toth than 5/6* heroes. This is pretty sad.

    These issues need to be fixed within the next month or people will start leaving, faster than you are gaining people. Stop releasing new content and update old content for a little bit.
    Last edited by Viterous; 11-01-2017, 05:32 PM.

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    I've been playing WT for a year and a half now and Vit has hit all the points dead on. The game is broken and needs a major overhaul to keep it viable. We still love this game otherwise we wouldn't have gone to these great lengths to voice our concerns. Many of us have supported Wonder Tactics since the beginning by opening up our wallets so please listen when we tell you. Right now we would rather you update and fix the problems with the game we love. I would rather see buffs to the chars than nerfs but legendary games HAVE to be removed. The strategic element of the game is threatened here. It's difficult if not impossible to counter what you don't see. Again Viterous discussed a lot of things that need fixing as well as possible solutions. Please take these fixes seriously, which your track record indicates you do, and work hard to make this an enjoyable experience again, thank you.


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      If removing legendary gems from the game would be to difficult, then make them only work in pve settings. Maybe change what they do to help pve purposes. But they should not be allowed in pvp.


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        Really agree with this. +1

        Especially with your section on Heroes and how there are too many 5-6* and legendary ones that are just outright terrible. It's sad.