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    Hello guys,

    recently I have been thinking on what things could make the game more attractive, especially to grinders.

    So we all have noticed, that with recent events such as X2 Fort / X2 Mines, the droprates on 6* Legendary Equip has become lower, also what we noticed is, the legendary gem rate has been reduced from about 25-40 6* gems to at least 80-120 6* gems. There is no need to argue about that, I am sure you all have your reasons for doing that, let me just put it in perspective from a competitive guild on global:
    All asian (Korea, Japan, China) teams have some players that posses more legendary gems than the entire top guild together (yes, one guy has more legendary gems than 30 people of the best global guild). This is hardly a competition more of a slaughter. This is kind of the state that players( 3-6 months into the game) feel towards people that are on the top. They are hopeless to catch up. I don't think this is very encouraging.

    Having said that, I want to make some suggestions that u may as well think through and maybe give us a little bit of feedback on the forums, so we kind of get what u have in mind:

    - Add tokens for double mine/double fort just as you added tokens for double gold on a daily free basis
    This was by far the best update to the game you did in a while, very refreshing for all players alike. Having a token to choose when you have time to do your daily dungeon runs is literally solving the timezone issue for everyone. I would love to have that for double mine/fort aswell. It doesnt have to be on a daily basis for mine. Just as an idea.
    Also, in addition to the XP Booster you can buy from the shop for 200 Crystals, maybe include the tokens for x2 mine/fort there aswell with a daily/weekly limit.
    The XP booster should offer us more timevariations. Like for example, offer us 6hour booster for 100 crystals, 12hour booster for 150 crystals and keep 24hour booster to 200 crystals. That way, every player can determine and decide for himself how many hours he wants to have double xp running. Always depends on the amount of fodder/energy u have on you aswell. Most of the time, a simple 6hour or 12hour booster will outvalue the 24hour booster for most people cause of limited access to energy / fodder.

    - Include a social media hub on your facebook page/ingame

    People have stopped to create content recently, because they kind of don't get your attention or the communities attention. They feel unrewarded. You can change that. Include people in your media feeds, feature them and gift content creators small things to keep the game going viral. Let them interview a developer etc. you guys should have a marketing team with ideas like that, not my place to tell you stuff like that - We get the feeling u gave up on this great game

    - ingame stats and details on game mechanics

    This is going to be a very long list, but if you generally are up for it and someone official wants some more interesting details and suggestions/questions I know a hundred guys with questions.

    Thank you for your consideration,

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    Hello Ioqqy, thank you so much for your time writing up your suggestions! We will definitely pass this along to the developers and let them know. Thank you again!


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      Hey Saber,

      I was surprised to see you reply to this post so quickly yet I wrote up a pretty accurate description of the state of Dragon Knight Christina and it was completely ignored. I thought I did a pretty good job of citing why she is not a fun character to play and also included in game stats that show she is not even as well liked as 3* Girl Tafla who has an overall rating of 3.1*, which is a .3* rating above Christina's rating, a mythic. Maybe you just don't see Christina as being a character that Com2Us wants players to use in their "direction of the game".

      Also how do you still allow guys like this to be in the game? Loqqy is one of the most toxic players in the entire global server and has made many people not even want to play the game anymore with how toxic he is. I have provided a screenshot that was taken literally this morning. This dude says stuff like this all the time, gets reported repeatedly, and no bans. Did you fire your customer support team, or just don't care that a guy like this is rolling around? This guy flames new players and gives them incorrect information about all parts of the game to sabotage their success because they don't even know any better. I wonder how many new players left this game after getting ran off by this dude. 22541.jpg