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Improvements for balancing in PvP and ideas for necessary unit changes

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  • Improvements for balancing in PvP and ideas for necessary unit changes

    Just thought I would put in my two cents here for what it's worth.

    First off, for PvP there are a few things that should be changed
    1. Buff removal protection needs to be nerfed. Plain and simple, there is no counter for it and arena teams that stack piles of buffs are easily the most broken in arena right now. Units with buff removal protection should have the duration decreased to 2, maybe even one turn. This way the standard elrai/cheery/ental team won't take 10 minutes to beat, and there will be less reward for having a defensive/support team with no damage. At the very least, you can change/add some units which can remove the removal protection, which yes, is a little silly.

    2. I suggest removing the damage cap in arena, and instead increasing the HP of all units by 250%, possibly up to 350% (including both base and bonus HP). You may also need to apply a minor damage decrease (10%ish) to skills that hit all enemies automatically. for example a unit with 10,000 HP and 2,000 HP from equipment would instead have 30,000 total HP in arena. What this will do is open up new build paths for all units, instead of the same general speedy supports, speedy nukes with some CR, and tanks with decrease damage rate that arena currently consists of. Healers will actually have a use for attack since the heals won't automatically max whatever they hit. Nukes can actually be built as nukes without losing out to full speed versions of themselves simply because of damage cap. Units that only have a single hit skill will be viable again, and having specific heros that hit multiple times won't be a requirement. Of course this does mean that units with HP scaling skills would be broken, so simply prevent those types of skills from scaling with the added HP from being in arena (stick with the natural base HP). Traits however, will stick with the full HP amount.

    3. Please increase the amount of glory received from battles. The game tip says you can receive up to 40 glory, but I am pretty sure that's impossible since I hang around diamond 1/2 for most of the week and have never received more than 25 per fight even at #1 spot. Farming glory is the one thing in the game I absolutely hate, and I'm pretty sure most players would agree with that. A bigger reward for the trouble would be much appreciated. And even more appreciated would be a function that just allows you to trade 10 invites for say 200-250 glory, and skip the twentyish minutes it takes to use all those invites.

    4. There needs to be some kind of deterrent on arena reset days which prevents forcing people to be on at reset time, or suffer losing a lot of ranking. You could change it so that on reset days only, players have a maximum of 20 invites (+ possible 6 for 10 win bonus), or simply reduce the amount of ranking points lost for those who are offline at that current time.

    A few suggested legend unit changes, excluding the mentioned nerf to buff removal protection.

    1. The new dark legend Marianne is bad, plain and simple. You need to change her 2nd skill to a two hit on enemies with debuffs, and I highly suggest changing one of her traits to "ignores enemy buffs". As is right now, she has a very limited use in PvE and an even more limited use for PvP.
    2. Jeanne needs to be changed/reworked. I suggest changing her team passive to either radins increase evasion by 50%, increase accuracy by 50%, or stuns for 2 turns with a 25% chance when you attack. Her buff skill simply should be 100% chance to increase defense and prevent all harmful effects for 2 turns, and for pursuit weakpoint, either increase the scaling to ~250% defense or remove the stun and add ignore defense effect.
    3. Wukong's cross/X form skill should have 1 less hit. A decent one is pretty much guaranteed to 1 hit anything not built full tank, especially with the bleed.
    4. Both of irene's skills should be changed to a 35% chance to attack again, or remove the attack again chance and increase the scaling by 50-100%.
    5. Evgenia's ability to revive units over and over and over is too much in PvP. There are 3 ways to fix this. You can increase both her cooldowns by 1 turn, make it a 50% chance to revive a unit, or prevent the skill cooldown reset that occurs on the revived unit.
    6. Anat's buff is not good, I would change to either "reflects all harmful effects which LAND on an allied unit back to the attacker" or "greatly increases the defense and increases the counter attack rate on all allies by 65% for 2 turns"
    7. Candella's first skill should hit all enemies.
    8. Cresen's second skill should be changed to "increases all allies attack gauge to the maximum and increases the attack by 60% for 2 turns". The cooldown increase for enemies and gauge increase for all allies is extremely overbearing in PvP, especially when used first.
    9. Arotos' confuse weapon trait should be changed to cancel or something like it, she currently has too many crowd control effects.
    10. Liena's Hot blood skill should be changed in duration from 4 turns to 2 turns, and decrease the scaling on hellfire pillar by 30%
    11. Fenzy's tackle skill should decrease both attack and/or defense with a 50% chance
    12. Rosemary's showtime skill should have the scale increased by 20% per hit, blackout should hit all enemies, but remove the 50% chance for 50% additional damage.
    13. Grace's reflect should only last 2 turns
    14. Swordmaster's Flash skill should be changed to 50% chance to attack again, but capped at a maximum of 3 hits. You should also heavily increase the animation speed to prevent it from taking so long that 3+ hits will allow the enemy to use another skill with no time in between. I mean, it's supposed to be a flash :>
    15. The new light 5* Kelly is way too ugly.
    16. Plath's ability to resurrect allies for 1 turn should not decrease the revived units cooldowns like a normal revive. It's pure broken when he resurrects a unit with resurrects, decreases their cooldowns, and lets them bring back the rest of the team.

    I think that's all for now, Thanks!

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    I'm pretty fricken tired of these teams and the time needed just to win or lose 5 arena battles.


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      Just to let you know, we cannot change the pvp balance at once because it can bring other issues in the game. We are currently changing the balance time to time. Until then, please stay tuned for our changes!


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        To piggyback on the OP, I think the new myth, Purgee Talia, needs to have her 2nd skill changed to revive all allies. As it stands now, in order for allies to be revived they need to be in a "T" pattern or cross pattern, which can be countered very easily by many mons with cross skills (wukong, liena, all of the card heros, tiuriel, etc). Myths should not be easy to counter. Compared to Temira and plath, purgee is a tier below both due to her revive skill forcing players into certain formations. Please update.


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          Sat, good summary of suggestions.

          Perhaps we can add a new ability that reduces buff duration on enemies by 1-2 turns as a counter to teams reliant on buff removal protection?

          I would suggest testing this by changing Waygon's awaken trait to decrease buff duration on foes by 1 turn instead of buff removal.


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            Just saw this skill is being implemented with new heroes in update