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Want to post a Suggestion? Please Read this First!

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  • Want to post a Suggestion? Please Read this First!

    Hello Heroes! This will be the main sub-forum where players can post in-game suggestions!

    Wonder Tactics is always open to our player's feedback to ensure that the game is enjoyable for all.
    Always know that your suggestions do make a difference!

    The Wonder Tactics Admins read every suggestion thread.
    These ideas are discussed and reported frequently within the staff. Some will be added to short-term to-do lists, some to long-term lists, some are ruled out due to negatives overriding the positives or if it does not fit the direction of the game.

    If you have constructive feedback that will improve the game, we want to hear from you!

    Please make sure to follow the forum rules:
    • Create a brief and clear title of the suggestion
      • Example:
        GOOD: [Decoration] Water Fountain with Fish
        BAD: Can you guys make more decorations items with fish?
    • Be detailed. Make sure to explain the reasoning behind the suggestion
      • Example:
        GOOD: The x part of the game can be improved by doing y because of z.
        BAD: This sucks! Change it!

    Please refrain from making bug/issue topics on this forum. They will be deleted/moved.
    For Bugs & Issues, please go here: Bugs & Issues section

    Thank you!