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Developer's Note - Episode 40-1

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  • Developer's Note - Episode 40-1

    Hello Adventurers!

    Are you ready to find out Wonder Tactics' next updates?

    Check out this episode of Developer's Note now!

    ※ Please be aware that the developer's note has been written during the development stage and some content might change. We ask for your kind understanding in advance.

    Also, we kindly ask you to read the update notice for the finalized details.

    <New World Boss ""Ghira"">​

    Ghira, the most powerful boss in Tiny World, has appeared!

    Ghira is a powerful boss with 5 heads. In order to defeat Ghira, adventurers from all servers need to work together.

    Shall we find out more about the new boss, first?

    1) Characteristics of the Boss

    Ghira is a legendary boss with 5 heads. Each head possesses one of the five attributes that exist in Tiny World, and there is a leader among them. Not every head appears at the same time in the beginning. Instead, each head will appear additionally as you proceed to the next wave. At the end, you'll be battling against the 5 heads.

    2) Skills

    Ghira has 2 active skills and 1 attribute per head. One of the two active skills that each head can use will be randomly determined when the World Boss Raid opens. Plus, each head possesses a powerful basic skill.

    3) Group

    Unlike in the previous Nest of Trials, you will be competing as a group that consists of 10 users of the similar grade, instead of competing individually.

    Users in the group can attack Ghira individually and the average score will be each group's score.

    Users can repeatedly attack Ghir

    a for a limited amount of period and the higher score recorded during the period will be reflected as the group's final score.

    4) Reward

    You can earn a fixed reward whenever you battle against Ghira. The final reward will be determined according to your group rank once all the battles against Ghira are finished. If you place in the top in your group, you can earn a bonus reward as well.

    Also, there's a special reward you can earn only from Ghira. You'll be able to power up equipment of your Heroes with the special reward! Please stay tuned for our next developer's note to find more about the reward and equipment power-up!

    ※ Please note that this content hasn't been finalized and still under development.

    <Pre-registration Notice>

    Pre-registration will take place on Jul. 8th 1am PDT to celebrate the upcoming major update!

    A Mythical Hero Scroll will be given as a pre-registration reward!

    You can also get an Event Legendary Scroll coupon when you share the pre-registration news on your social network!

    More details will be revealed on Jul. 8th!

    Thank you always for your support.