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Wonder Tactics Star Contest Preview

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  • Wonder Tactics Star Contest Preview

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Wonder Tactics Star Contest will be held along with the v1.7.2 update!
    In this notice, we'll answer some of the questions you may have as a lot of you have been waiting for this event.


    Q. What is a Star Contest?

    A. It's a contest to find a star adventurer of Wonder Tactics.

    Q. What's the prize?

    A. The winner will win a special reward and have a chance to produce a Star Hero.

    * What is a Star Hero?

    It's a new Legendary Hero that will be custom-made based on the winner's request and named after the nickname (or any desired name) of the winner.

    Q. How does the contest work?

    A. Similar to the previous events, you'll have to clear various missions in the event page in the [Event] Menu.

    Q. What kind of missions do I need to clear?

    A. In the Star Contest, you can earn points in four different categories.

    Each mission is designed to be cleared naturally as you play the game.

    However, <Tower of Treasures> and <Nest of Trials> related missions will be included for the first time to find the real star adventurer of Star Contest.


    We can't wait to see who earns the star adventurer title ourselves!

    Don't miss out on this great chance to claim various rewards!

    Thank you.