Greetings from Com2uS!

Wonder Tactics will be holding a temporary maintenance to provide better service.
Please read below for the details.

> Maintenance Schedule: Sep. 12th - Sep. 13th, Sep. 16th - Sep. 18th

- Maintenance Details: Server Stabilization
- The temporary maintenance will be proceeded in each server after the all-server maintenance on Sep. 12th. (Global and Global Z servers are excluded.)
* Based on PDT
Target Server Date Day of the week Start time End time Required time
All Server Sep. 12th Thu 23:30 1:00 1h 30m
Asia Sep. 13th Fri 22:00 1:00 3h
China Sep. 15th Mon 22:00 1:00 3h
Japan Sep. 17th Tue 22:00 0:00 2h
Korea Sep. 18th Wed 22:00 1:00 3h

* Guild Battle and Glory Battlefield won't be available during the maintenance in all servers.

* The time of the EXP/Gold Boosters that are in use during the maintenance will be extended by the time spent for the maintenance.
* Maintenance may end earlier than noticed, and we'll will notify you with the details if there are any changes.

> Maintenance Reward

- Following rewards will be given for all server maintenance and individual server maintenance each.
- Weekend Burning Time event will be additionally held as compensation for the maintenance.


4~6★ Hero Scroll x1
100 Energy
100,000 Gold
1,000 Glory Points

[Weekend Burning Time]

Period: Sep. 15th - Sep. 17th
11am - 12pm, 6pm - 7pm
(Based on server time)
Details: 2x Gold and EXP

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.