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  • Help making a team

    Been playing for a couple weeks now. Really have no clue what I should be going for. Any suggestions for team would really help. Heroes are
    Legend: shakina, wukong, sword master, grace, and waygon.
    6*: fermata, hyacinth, xerath, general peng, tart, water elemental, miss cheery, Jean valine, and Adonis
    5*: red dragon x3, seidon, cheon,new dealer, blue dragon, lukan, tiuriel, Dr falcon, kukulin, sleepy, and min I.

    what should I do? All heroes are level 30 except fermata and tart both 32

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    A team for what?
    There are so many different activities in the game that require different line up of heroes
    Focus on finishing all the growth, story quests if you haven't already and getting 3* in all dungeon levels


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      Can't Come close to all 3* in hell mode yet. Just not sure which heroes to invest in. Got Christina as my myth today