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Need some help with heroes

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  • Need some help with heroes


    Just started the game and have no idea which heroes i should be leveling and everything.

    Any comments, tips, advice appreciated!


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    Hang on to tart, tiuriel, Sady and smoke or water elemental.
    And off coarse the SwordMaster.
    You will get Fermata and Dr. Falcon.

    Usually one of the elementals is used at start to lvl up the rest.
    That will eventually be replaced by Fermata with his greed skill unlocked.
    And then tart (awakened for aoe) or Tiu (awakend for aoe) both need to be used with dr falcon (awakened with greed trait for whole team)
    Tart can farm auto and some use Luna instaed of tart, Tiu needs manual cause she will not Always use AoE (area of effect) skill


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      Cool, thanks for the tips! I also got some new heroes like 5* red dragon, and a 3* silon, 4* ice giant, 3* okra and 5* seidon....any of those useful/worth keeping?

      I also have like about 2k of diamonds now....should i be using them for the 10+1 hero rolls? Who else are top tier that i should lookout for?
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        try lelcrons list:

        And the dragon can replace the elementals for lvling up at your stage.
        Okra is situational, can give a good boost but I only used her in late stages of ToT.
        Seidon was supposed to get a buff but that had problems and did not happen.

        The Crystals at your stage in the game I would use them for 10+1 yes.
        and maybe a little more room in your inventory.
        End game players use them for refreshes.
        But thats when your lvling at hell mode..