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Salamar's number of attacks

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  • Salamar's number of attacks

    Does anybody know what speed Salamar needs to have to get the maximum number of attacks (six)? It would be great to have some official information about this, since I need to choose a hero to develop.

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    Salamar requires 1500 Speed for the 6th hit of Scary Shot. This is because all heroes from the First Attack update gain 1 additional hit for every 300 points of Speed they have. Remember that these heroes all have a base speed of 300 or better, so their skills will hit twice even if they're naked.

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      Great Thanks! I myself have long been tormented by this question

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    Oh crap. How? How on Earth one can achieve +1200 speed? With a Speed accessory having both Speed substats? I don't have that.


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      That speed level can only be realistically achieved with a full set of 6⋆ speed gear, where most of the power-ups go into speed. However, this usually comes at a great cost to Salamar's other stats (Accuracy) or traits, so most players stick to 900 or 1200.