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Legendary Heroes (Water) Discussion

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  • Legendary Heroes (Water) Discussion

    Hey guys!

    First of all, look at the list of Water type Legendary Heroes

    Snowy / Fenzy / Rosemary / Sable / Irene / Snow Dragon

    My Question is
    1. Which hero is the best? Why?
    2. Which hero is the worst? Why?

    I would like to see your opinion

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    Best: Snowy
    Strong in both PvE and PvP. Snowy has a 3-target smart heal that cleanses status ailments (which is on a very short cooldown), an AoE purge that also blocks buffs, and excellent synergy with the Deep Sleep and Brave Warrior traits. She is an incredibly flexible support hero as her toolkit can be used everywhere aside from farming. Heavily desired for competitive endgame.

    Deep Sleep can occur at very inconvenient moments when you want her to do something. A good portion of Snowy's survivability is based around RNG. Snow Purification can't be used to clear debuffs when the entire party is at full life. Her healing power is not as strong as other healers.

    Worst: Snow Dragon
    Strong in PvE. Snow Dragon has the same benefits as his brethren: immunity to all status ailments in the game and a one-time self-resurrection. His breath can freeze and he offers an AoE cleanse that temporarily protects the party from status ailments.

    Snow Dragon lives in the shadow of his more useful counterparts: Fire, Forest, and Dark Dragon. While his Purification skill is on a short cooldown, the protection effect usually doesn't last long enough to do its job, as it lasts until a hero makes their next autoattack (this penalizes fast heroes). His breath deals rather low damage, and freezing is mostly inferior to burning and even poison at times. Since he is only really useful in Nest or Fortress B6, he possesses the same problem as Stokesia: people don't like getting duplicates of him.