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  • Legendary Heroes (Fire) Discussion

    Hey guys,

    First of all, look at the list of Fire type Legendary Heroes

    Anat / Fire Dragon / Liena / Scarlette / Stokesia / Wukong

    My Question is
    1. Which hero is the best? Why?
    2. Which hero is the worst? Why?

    I would like to see your opinion

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    Best: Liena
    Strong in both PvE and PvP. Liena has high attack, hits targets multiple times in an X, can burn and bleed targets at the same time regardless of their positions, and comes with DoT immunity. DoTs have the natural benefit of ignoring defense and attribute relations, which makes her damage even more scary. A staple PvP attacker and B6 Fire hero.

    Liena is a true glass cannon, and due to her high attack, she is often the snipe target of Isutar. She is also far less effective at dealing with + formations. Hot Blood's major downside is its random nature.

    Worst: Scarlette
    Strong in PvE. Scarlette has high upfront damage, hits and burns targets in a row and sideways T, and becomes stronger when more targets are present. Her unique bombs have the added benefit of not being classified as a DoT.

    Lacking multiple strikes automatically makes Scarlette less effective at PvP thanks to the damage limit. Bombs are a chance on hit. Extreme Fire has a huge accuracy penalty, which makes it rather weak for a row attack (might be decent if it could hit 2 rows). As a damage dealer, her damage toolkit is quite mediocre compared to her siblings (Liena and Wukong).

    Scarlette is by no means useless, but she could be better.


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