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11/9th Hero Balance Patch Discussion

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  • 11/9th Hero Balance Patch Discussion

    Hey guys,

    So recently, we did a balance patch for certain heroes and I am curious how you guys are thinking about this patch
    What do you guys think?

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    I only have sniper dwight that was balanced on this patch.
    i have tried to build him.
    critical rate 90%
    penetration 23%
    accuracy 33%
    with trait match his hawk eye and faint.
    hawk eye seems to be buged.
    hawk eye-- the critical rate will increase by 10% as you're further away from the target when you attack.
    ​​​i have placed him all the way back. That should have add 20-30% on top my 90% rate. But he did not hit critical as it spose to have. Please have developer look into trait hawk eye.
    faint-- worked great when critical hit.
    thank you for his upgrade on his skill