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How do you build your Battle Goddess Anat

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  • How do you build your Battle Goddess Anat

    I just obtained a Battle Goddess Anat. Need some advices on how to build it!

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    This is WAAAYYY late, but I figured in case anyone looks at this in hopes of finding one. Here's how I build my Anat.

    You need ACC, CR, and CD.

    Accuracy is important to make sure that those life stealing hits actually hit. Crit Rate is huge because of the same reason big numbers of DMG = big return numbers of HEALTH. Due to her traits (which I recommend activating all 3) you get a high return on investment (with it boosting ATK damage) when you gem her out with DEFENSE gems. You dont need speed, so stick to more Crit Rate diamonds. Other than that its just about finding the right equipment for her, which can be frustrating due to the trait activating requirements.

    Hope this helps, also there's a decent in game review if you just click on the review button when viewing the hero in your inventory.



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      Thanks!!!!!!!! Was seeking how to build it for months, really helped me!

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              Thanks for the news. Will try them.


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