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One of My Guildmates Got Hacked

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  • One of My Guildmates Got Hacked

    ...and com2us's Customer Support team turned down his ticket because "we find out nothing [sic] abnormal." Twice.

    Because of this, a few fellow guildmates, myself included, sent tickets of our own addressing this issue to help him in recovering his account, since they didn't believe him. And the response?

    Originally posted by Customer Support
    "We are not able to assist anyone other than the original account holder with account recovery. We hope to assist your guild mate with their account as soon as possible, and we hope you will continue to enjoy playing Wonder Tactics."
    That's right. Nobody can vouch for him. Not a friend, not a guildmate, and certainly not even his freaking guild master. This is a battle he has to fight alone, and it's not one he's winning either. Come on, seriously? How much more evidence do you need when the original account owner, as well as his guildmates, are sending you tickets that the account has been hacked?

    Use your brain. It's not that hard to put two and two together. CS won't even send another verification email to the original address that registered to HIVE for confirmation of the original account owner.They don't even try, and that's just sad.

    Is this the right place to discuss this? No, it's not, but this ridiculous situation has left not only my guildmate feeling helpless, but myself as well. Some part of me is hoping that by putting this up on the forums, something might happen. Yes, I'm very well aware that the CMs here can't really do much, since it's CS's job and not theirs. But hey, at least I tried/am trying to do something, right? That's so much more than what could be said about the CS team that handled our tickets. It's been about 6 days since the time of writing this post, and absolutely nothing has been done to resolve it. The hacker still has control over the account, just hasn't logged into Wonder Tactics because it's probably not what s/he was after. 6 days and counting...


    So if your account gets hacked, and you provide all the necessary information needed (which is actually more than enough, honestly) for account recovery, yet the CS team tells you "we find out nothing [sic] abnormal" or they somehow can't verify you're the original account owner, you're pretty much screwed. Nobody can help you either, even if they really wanted to. You're at the complete mercy of the CS team. But after seeing a few threads regarding account security and people getting hacked... this really isn't new information, isn't it?

    And all I can do is replace him for someone else. Not because he's inactive, dealing with real life issues, moving onto a different game... but because he's unable to reclaim ownership over his account.

    Not cool.

    - Demigozen <Phoenix>

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    Hello Demichaos, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your fellow guild member. Can you tell the guild member who lost their account to contact me directly? It can be Facebook message to Wonder Tactics Page, or direct message here in the forum.


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      I deeply apologize for not responding sooner, as I was trying to get into contact with my guildmate about this. On the behalf of <Phoenix>, I sincerely and greatly appreciate you reaching out, as well as your willingness to try to assist one of my guildmates with his predicament. It means a lot to all of us, especially RBrazil83 who had, for the most part, completely given up on recovering his account until now.

      I am in the process of having him contact you at his earliest convenience.


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        Thank you for your reply Demichaos! Even though I can't guarantee a positive result, I'll see what I can do!