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Toa Normal Boss Fight 40, 50, ..., 100 (video)

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  • Toa Normal Boss Fight 40, 50, ..., 100 (video)

    I'm considering to put my video of ToA Normal run at the Guide section, if I'm allowed to do. But for now, I will post it here.
    Today is my 2nd time clearing ToA Normal. I didn't know that the boss at Stage 100 change. Is it a monthly change?
    And thank you for the Legendary Scroll. I got a Wind Dragon Knight! Now I won't have to worry about enemy with very high speed at the Arena! I can focus on damage! Thank you Com2US, for knowing my pain fighting speed teams!

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    These videos go into the summoners war media channel


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      Alright. Will keep in mind the next video I will be posting

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    in general toa bosses are divided into 2 groups
    one group of boss that u will only see when artharos is in 100 and another group that u will see when lyrith is in 100
    these bosses r randomly put in the different floors when some bosses wil never be in a floor higher than 30/40 (like chow camilla zeratu) and some will never appear in the lower than 30/40

    both artharos and lyrith will always be the bosses of floor 100 and both will be in each month - when one boss (and all the bosses that come before him) will be in toa hard and one will be in noraml

    hope that clears things up a bit and grats for the 2nd clear of toa and leo!

    hope that in the future we will see u with more creative teams in toa hard as well


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      If you'd post your team's stats and runes, that'd be awesome.


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        Originally posted by Drandip View Post
        If you'd post your team's stats and runes, that'd be awesome.
        Ok. Will do when the ToA is resetting.
        I haven't changed the runes of my monster, so it's the same. You can look at my team's stats and runes at this video.