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    This is x number of times I am requesting to look at Celia’s skills set. Her skills set are unpractical for the rta, GW, Ctc, her second and third skills are horrible. The skills set are very awesome when you read them, but they are unpractical on the battle. Second skills and third skill are a gamble skills set. You need luck in order to use it. Just like you go to casino and you depend on yours luck. Her skills set ARE NOT solid like her sisters skills set. You cant get the expectation like her sisters such as triana, harmonia, vivachel skills sets. She is a LD nat5 Com2us. Lets be honestly here. You know and All the players know it. It is hard to get a LD nat5. You need to spend the money and with luck in order to get one LD nat5. I am not asking to make her skills set overpower. I am asking to look at her skills’s set and make a change to make her viable in the game. Like her sisters. If you expect a heal, then it is a heal. Not just a gamble skills set and get disappoint every time you pick her. Compare to hathor’s second and third skills set, celia is nothing. You know the result when you use hahtor second or third skills. However, with Celia’s second and third. You dont know. It is all depend on luck. I understand you want a balance gameplay for all our players community and create and develop new content and add new monsters in the game. However, you need to look at other monsters skills set such as Celia’s skill set to adapt to a new content and new metal.

    Thank you and have a nice day!!!!
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    Sorry though you do know that this is a pure or mainly heavy based RNG game right? And also if just for the fact that it is a lnd nat 5* doesn’t mean anything. Indeed it is rarer and much harder to get but that does not mean it have to be stronger than all the rest element mobs imho. As of now, yes there are some lnd mobs but still only some are stronger, the rest are still performing lower than the normal elements & not only Celia.