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Rework Molly (Light Mermaid) v3.0

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  • Rework Molly (Light Mermaid) v3.0

    Ok.. here's another take..

    Current Passive: ALL ENEMY MONSTERS may glance 20% of the time.

    Change To: ALL MONSTERS may glance 80% of the time.

    Turn molly into a double edge sword.

    If my galleon (15% cr) or tiana (20% cr) can crit dark martial cat for almost 100% of the time, i don't think this is even OP.
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    How many times do you want to buff molly? Why not just give her instant win? Geez..


    • KChong1985
      KChong1985 commented
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      When was molly ever buffed? If you don't like the thread, feel free to skip it. Last i checked, this is the suggestion section.

    • DrWord
      DrWord commented
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      KChong1985 I mean you. How many times do you want to suggest to buff Molly? Yes, this is suggestion section. But doesn't mean you can keep on create multiple post for a single monster. You can just edit your post and bump your post.

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    LOL No way


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      Dark mermaid is 100 times better then light , and i think light mermaid deserve buff !


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        I would simpy change her healing power to 10% to all allies, like perna (but also herself sice she doesn't revive).
        if that is not enough havig a higher glance chance would do the rest (how much higher depend on how much underwhelming she would still be)