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Fix rune management asap!!

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  • Fix rune management asap!!

    So, via my monster box, i removed some trash runes that are equipped in my old monsters. After removing them, i sell them. Error says "cannot sell runes being used in rta".

    Now, the problem:
    1. I will have to find where that rune is. Sometimes, it's lost in my monsters (more than 100 mons).

    2. I have to pay to remove my runes in my mons box and pay again to remove runes via mons box in rta. Now, im paying DOUBLE!!!

    PS: I don't wait for FRR to change my runes. This is stupid.

    Please fix this asap. Thanks!

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    agreed, rune management for rta make selling of runes so difficult. Patch not friendly to players that does not play rta.
    1) have option to turn off rta rune management
    2) button to sync all rta runes back to original rune management


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      What?! C2U doesn't test ideas with actual players before releasing? No way. Shocking.