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Easy monster envolving to 3/4/5/6*

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  • Easy monster envolving to 3/4/5/6*

    Currently, we select the monster, and then select each food that should go as food, which means we need a lot of clicks.
    There could be an alternative way of evolving monsters.
    When there are enough, 3,4 and 5 foodder to evolve a monster into 3,4,5 or 6*, the game should automatically select all food, mark them with a "v"(such as when you select a monster to store), and give you a confirmation msg "Would you like to use all selected monster to turn monster X into 3,4,5,6*?", and then it calculates the good and foodder to be consumed automatically.

    There's simply no fun or function to go over a tons of monsters selecting each and every one of them.

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    Yes Yes Yes
    I will tell more
    should be in the 3 storage game
    1 for the mobs we play
    2 food strorage
    3 deep storage for mobs without runes and waiting for better times


    • er0L
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      make 10 boxes in the Monster storage and everybody can decide which Monsters to put in which box

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      Or just 5 would be fine for me. And let us name them as we want. Would be great.

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    Agreed with it all. Evolving definitely needs easier and faster way to evolve. And the storage needs tabs yes