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Fun Trinity and Grogen twist

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  • Fun Trinity and Grogen twist

    Here's a fun twist to make Trinity and Grogen different and interesting.

    – Ragnarok is activated when Trinity dies independently of CD.
    – S2 becomes Seal of Darkness: Attacks an enemy and recovers HP by 30% of the inflicted damage. Provokes the enemy for 2 turns.

    Opens way to a fun glasscanon build with healers and revivers (hi Teon, Abellio and Taranys).

    – Uses S3 at beginning of combat without activating CD.

    At the beginning of battle, all units are there except Grogen. Then there's a short animation when he dives from the sky with a big S3 boom. Then the battle begins.

    Big boom badaboom with a fancy twist! Perfect for LDs. Not the best cleavers, but at the least, they become really fun toys!

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    Would be nice for all Valks to have their own unique Seals. However, wouldn't HP leech be counter-intuition for Trinity given your glass cannon nuke suggestion? Perhaps Dark Seal and gain att buff afterwards would be better?

    As for Grogen, do not want the added animation. Just want to quickly clear wings or dungeons.


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      Grogen is fine now and Trinity just needs stat adjustments


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        Yes, they are fine, but are fun?


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          Grogen needs damage increase on 3rd. Make it +200% CD instead +100%. Death must be guaranteed if it strikes

          S2 -> ... afterwards increase Grogens attack bay by 50%


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            But just "more damage" would just make them standard lambda cleavers. I don't want 20 nearly identical monsters with different animations. For that, go play D&D 4 :P


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              I just know I feel very underwhelmed by Grogen. Imagine fighting a rare black dragon, but all it does is an unreliable stun, or an AoE (with no other effects). Along with that are bad stats, and useless leader skill. Sige (dark Sam) just seems so much better now.